MOVATION EEIG combines expertise in premium aircraft cabin interior architecture and design with manufacturer independant support of customers in the completion process for custom interiors of business and VIP jets and cruise ships.

Seasoned experts have formed MOVATION as a firm for two reasons: to simplify client interaction and to leverage synergies.

For aviation projects the MOVATION Design Package enables aircraft owners to unbiasedly tender completion centers and thus obtain comparable quotes.

Service components include:

• Client requirements assessment and advisory

• Visualisation and animations

• 2D and 3D CAD

• Creation of seats designs, furnishings, throws, pillows, materials; fabrics, carpets, porcelain, artwork.

• Operational requirements assessment and advisory

• Wish list and priorisation

• Styleguide review/ design examples

• Material preferences color and trim

• Preferred brands

• Room schedule

• Floorplan layouts

• IFE Advisory

Angela Haupt
Angela Haupt

is a co- founder and Managing Partner of MRAG Projekt GmbH & Co KG which is a founding member of MOVATION EEIG in Berlin, Germany. Angela is a Managing Director of MOVATION EEIG and responsible for Business Development and Strategy.

Angela is putting her about 20 years of experience in investment management, real estate and securities, including as the REIT portfolio manager and head of the REIT research team at Deutsche Bank Realty Advisors in New York City between 1998 and 2001 to work. At MOVATION she excels as the designated strategist and forward thinker regarding all relevant business decisions and global activities of the firm.

As an economist Angela has also taught as an Adjunct Professor at Berlin School of Economics and Law and is a regular speaker at conferences. She earned a Master´s Degree in Economics from the University of Regensburg.


Michael "Skyboek" Reichenecker
Michael "Skyboek" Reichenecker

is a co- founder and Managing Partner of MRAG Projekt GmbH & Co KG which is a founding member of MOVATION EEIG in Berlin, Germany. Michael is a Managing Director of MOVATION and responsible for Business Development and Design.

Michael, born in Toronto, Canada, and raised in New York City, is an Accredited Architect in Germany with more than 25 years of international experience in interior design, architecture and project management.

He worked on his first VIP interiors in New York in 1999 and has continued with international ultra-high end architecturalprojects for aircraft, residential, hotels and offices since.
Michael "SKYBOEK" Reichenecker serves his clients on high-end interior projects for residential, and hospitality with his firm SKYBOEK Design Studio while MOVATION is focused on aviation and mobility.

Since 2009 he designed more than 20 VIP wide-body and narrow-body VIP aircraft interiors also for global market leading completion center Lufthansa Technik.
Due to Michael's successful designs for private and government clients he has been acclaimed "one of the aviation industry’s most prolific and innovative aircraft interior architects".

His experience includes interiors for AIRBUS ACJs 318/319/320/321, A330, A340, A350, A380 and Boeing BBJs 1 and 2, B747-8, B767, B777, B777X, and B787 for Heads of States and international business leaders. His works have been showcased at Design Awards and international industry conventions such as EBACE or NBAA and have been included in Boeing's dedicated publication "BBJ | 20 YEARS of BOEING BUSINESS JETS.


Michael "Skyboek" Reichenecker
Marta and Sol Rodrigo

are Managing Partners of OTT Interiors, Valencia, which is a co-founder of MOVATION EEIG in Berlin, Germany. While Marta is a Managing Director of MOVATION EEIG and responsible for Client Management and Acquisition, Sol is the legal advisor of the firm.

Sisters Marta & Sol Rodrigo have a history of transforming innovative ideas into reality, offering tailored made luxury interior designs for the finest private Jets, Yachts and Residences. With more than two decades of experience in aviation and an extensive knowledge of Interior Design and Project Management, they recognize the importance of achieving a solution that is appropriate to the needs and preferences of their individual clients. Their solutions are practical, efficient, economical and appropriate to the particular interior space.

Marta and Sol develop unique design concepts for a new or existing space offering various artistic options by matching materials, colors and furniture styles to give clients' surroundings a sensation of luxury and elegance. For them, no two projects are the same, and they will search the world to satisfy their clients' needs and demands, engaging the most prestigious brands to create a practical, safe and elegant space.


GALLERY | A350 VIP Design for LHT

AIRBUS Corporate Jets presenting A350 VVIP design.

BOOK | 20 Years of Boeing Business Jets

BOEING Business Jets presenting Michael's designs for Lufthansa Technik.

INTERVIEW | Michael with Asian Sky Quarterly

or Download the PDF [right-click here, save as]

Talking about similarities between real estate project development and VVIP Aircraft Completions.

INTERVIEW | Michael with Business Jet Interiors

Talking about developing a VVIP Interior Design Concept for a A380.

ARTICLE | About A350 "HOME" - EVA Magazin

Head of VIP Sales at Lufthansa Technik, Wieland Timm, introduces Michael's A350 "Welcome Home" Interior Design as a flagship of Lufthansa Technik's design competence.

GALLERY | German Newspaper "Welt"

Lagerfeld, Hirst, Bacon, Hermes, Skyboek, Branson...Michael's design in good company.

ARTICLE | BOAT International

Charles Bermner introduces Michael's design for the A350 as an example for future air travel.

AWARD | the design society

Michael's A350 design for the A350 shortlisted for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017.

INTERVIEW | the design society

Company in Profile.

INTERVIEW | Michael with Business Jet Interiors

Talking about Light Weight Interiors highly praised by Boeing's BBJ division.

MOVIE | VVIP A350 Interior Concept Video

Have look at Michael's Concept Interior Design A350 VIP Movie for Lufthansa Technik.

BROCHURE | VVIP Interior Concept for a A350

Michael's Concept Interior Design A350 VIP and Brochure for Lufthansa Technik.

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