• TRIPLE9 Antiviral Aircraft Interior Concept

MOVATION TRIPLE9 Antiviral Aircraft Interior Concept


The realisation of the Triple9 interior concept offers better revenue potential for OEMS, aircraft owners and charter operators from their existing and new aircraft. The concept is named for a 99.9% level of desinfection achieved by certain of its key elements. The Triple9 features provide significantly increased safety to passengers from germs aboard. A Triple9 interior therefore has a strong potential to increase total passenger demand. In the current and a postpandemic environment a Triple9- equipped aircraft is therefore also comparatively more attractive to passengers and leasing companies. The Triple9 concept includes a set of mostly lightweight and modular elements encompassing lining, lighting, flooring and furnishing, combined for better decontamination of surfaces and air. All elements can be prefabricated and scaled to suit both wide and narrow bodies as well as smaller jets. Ideally, the Triple9 concept is implemented in a green aircraft. For retrofits certain key elements of the modular Triple9 concept can be used for most aircraft.


Health is precious. Any contribution to increase passenger safety from infection is valuable, in particular from a potentially lethal disease like Covid-19, to the owners for their own journeys, to passengers who charter business aircraft and the stakeholders who facilitate the charters.


We are looking to get hired for an individual realisation of our Triple9 concept primarily. We would be happy to sell a licence for the serial production of the Triple9 modular elements. We offer Design Packages for tendering completion centers, pricing depends on scope of services.


MOVATION offers turn- key interior architecture and design solutions for travel related assets such as aircraft through design, design-management and consulting.

Unique among firms in our field, our scope of services exceeds design by:
· design and completion project management
· concept and product development
· operations and logistics consulting


Our workflow is organized to support clients at every stage of the design cycle, from initial strategy and design planning through implementation and completion. The MOVATION core team combines more than nine decades of recent experience in aviation, asset management and product development with personal experience in and dedication to customer- oriented service.

Aviation Experience:

VIP- & Business Class type interiors for wide- and narrowbody aircraft models:
BOEING BJs 787, 777, 767, 747-8, and 737 BBJs 1-3.
AIRBUS CJs 380, 350, 340, 330, 318- 21, 220.

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